Adventurer Profile

General Information

Name: Zelean Grayknight (just call me Z)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Height: 1.74 m / 5ft 8.5in

Weight: 58 Kg / 127lbs

Alignance: Neutral

Deity: All Elemental Lords

Titles: Scion of Balance, Headmaster of The Elements Clan, Hero of Falconreach

Born in: Unknown - First memory: Arriving at Battleon during The'Galin saga - Trying to figure out

Joined Clan: Jan 10th 2009 - Founder

Main Game: AdventureQuest Worlds

Other Games: Grand Fantasia, RuneScape

Fav. Fighting Style: Tanking, Stealth, Magic

Fav. Element: All of them, but none of them

Fav. Weapon: Blade of Destiny

Trained as: Paladin

Training as: Assassin, Beta Berzerker, Pumpkin Lord, Clawsuit, Doom Knight, Alpha Pirate and ProtoSartorium

Mentor: Artix / currently the Generals

Current objectives: Make my clan the best on Lore, fight the Chaos forces, reach perfect Balance, find out about Vildar's and my past and…. HAVE FUN!

Personality: Warrior of balance, always cares for other people, can't avoid helping the clan nor fighting Chaos. Leader of The Elements Clan, is in constant conflict with evil brother Vildar.

Personal signature: My5thsig.png

AdventureQuest Worlds


Ingame Name: Zelean

Level: 29

Joined: During the Great Slow Era (Alpha tests phase, 06/04/08)

Member: Yes

Founder: Yes

Fav. Locations: Swordhaven, Cemetery, Clan's HQ

Character Page: Me!

Grand Fantasia


Ingame Name: Zelean / ShadowRazor

Class: Paladin / Archer

Level: 34 / 24

Joined: Feb 13th 2010

Fav. Locations: Belcar Plateau, Black Swamp

Sprite's Name: GoldenHeart / NightShadow



Ingame Name: Striker Z79 / Sir Zelean

Level: 77 / 24

Joined: 2005 / May 2010

Member: Not anymore

Fav. Locations: Falador, Stronghold of Security floor 2, Wilderness, anywhere with undeads

Fav. Skills and Lvls: Defense - 62/23 Prayer - 49/23 Dungeoneering - 1/9 Crafting - 46/22

Fav. Fighting Style: Melee, ranged and magic

Life Storyline

The Beginning

Said to be the son of the great Hero of Falconreach for the appearance although no one is sure. Z lost the memory of his childhood and the only clue he had about his past was a "Z" on his wrist, choosing that as his name. Yet young, he found the town of Battleon, meeting Artix, from who Z learned about Light and fighting arts. Battling his way to greatness, Z got the title of Paladin and went to war to stop the famous The'Galin, the Devourer of Worlds. After his triumphant victory, Z started a journey to find out about his past.

Following some series of clues, Z found himself next to Warlic's home. He found something about a great war, in a pile of book inside the tower, when a young half-dragon challeged the Elementals Lords. Interested about that, he continued his search finding about the Hero of Falconreach and his quest to find the Elemental Orbs.

After he read about the Orbs' locations, Z decided to search for them, and chose his Orb of favorite element, Light, to start by. The book led him to the Sandsea Desert. He met Zhoom, who was guarding the Orb of Light. It didn't take long to Zhoom recognize Z as the Chosen from the profecy and gave him the Orb. As soon as Z touched the Orb of Light, he felt a strong power running through his body. Visions started to flow in his mind. All that power woke up his sleeping dark side, something bad and powerful that, last time, detroyed him from inside, making his past be forgotten forever. Although it is a strong force, it was weakened by such strong Light energy so Z had no problem in controling it this time.

Way back to Battleon, Z found a mysterious hooded traveler who told him about the profecy and his destiny. Even a bit confused, Z accepted a strong looking and large sword decorated with runes given by the traveler. Few secounds before he disapeared, the traveler told Z that he had lost this sword long time ago and that it was the 5th weapon of Destiny and with it, he could save the world from the worst threat Lore has ever seen.

After that, Z went uselessly in quests for the Orbs, as he couldn't find any other. Years later he moved to the capital city of Swordhaven and was recruited by King Alteon to be a Pactagonal Knight, and with time, became his strongest and most loyal knight.

Time passed and Z started to feel a bit weird, not sick, just weird. He was sometimes getting a bit blood-thirsty, like hatred was gathering inside him. The Evil inside him had returned. As Z didn't remember his past, he didn't know about this "other side" of his and didn't take it as a threat.

A few days later, when he just touched his sword, it's runes started to shine and he suddenly heard a voice in his head: "Confusion is approaching, death awaits. Innocent blood shall be spilled and Lore will know its end. Only if the One gather all the forces in the world and Balance reign, Lore will know salvation.". Z said nothing but "What… the… is this a profecy or something? C'mon, it doesn't even rhyme!". For days he tried to figure out what those words meant, but he had no good results. All he had to do then was train. Training, helping someone here and there, slaying undeads… just that.

Lore's Last Hope

These calm days didn't last long. Coming back from Battleon, Z found SwordHaven flooded with undeads and above it, Sepulchure's flying-fortress. He ran as fast as he could for its protection. Inside the castle, Z met Artix and joined him against the undead. Artix told Z that Sepulchure has planned this attack to be the last Good vs Evil battle. And there they standed, fighting every bonny foe that crossed the castle walls and, suddenly, Z saw a flash of light far away on the mountains and then another brave warrior was there to help. He introduced himself as Alberte and was willing to fight on Good's side. The three kept fighting for a long time, untill they saw the flying-fortress dropping undeads inside the main castle, where the throne room, and the King, were. Artix voluteered himself to stay and told Z and Alberte to go in and help protecting the throne room.

The sight wasn't great. The main castle was filled with terror, undeads all around, the once great SwordHaven was about to fall. After staying some time outside the throne room protecting it, the two heros saw Sepulchure coming and retreated into the King's room. Sepulchure broke quickly through the defences and met the King. Both started a rageful fight and when it was about to end and the winner raise victorious, a long not seen character joined the scene. Drakath, totally changed and strenghtened by Chaos, killed Sepulchure and left King Alteon deadly hurt. That day, the war agaisnt Chaos began. Z suddenly started to link words… if he replaced Chaos with "Confusion" from the profecy, it could make some sense after all. "Now I undeastand… Somehow I was choosen to be the keeper of the Orb of Light, and now, I need to gather all the others to stand against Chaos. Well, time to restart the search for the Orbs!"

A New Clan Rises

"Okay, Alberte, I must go now. I need to gather all the eight Orbs to save Lore.". Then Z left. Alberte didn't like his attitude very much and ran to catch up with Z: "Hey, wait up! We are pals now! Don't think you will get rid of me so easly!" From that day on, both heroes traveled side by side in search of the orbs, but this time Z knew that Destiny was on his side, and he finally would find those orbs he had been seeking for so long.

Check The Book of The Elements Clan to see more.

Code of Honor

  • Always in unbalanced fights. This is main priority;
  • Always loyal to my clan and friends. Betrayal is the greatest sign of "honorlessship";
  • Loyalty to promisses. Breaking what you've once said you would do is proper to Evil doers;
  • Helping is essential. Never leave a help-needing one unhelped;
  • No judging by the appearences. Beign Darkness aligned doesn't mean Evil aligned. Same for the inverse;
  • Others in first place. Priority for those who need. Even if doing something VERY important;
  • Never EVER break a rule, they are the base for keeping the Balance;
  • Don't do any of the above if it breaks any rule;
  • Punish anyone who breaks rules;
  • Lies are for those who fear the punishment for the wrongs one has done. Truth must always be told.

Note: Any of the above may the disrespected if the goal is to bring balance.

  • More coming soon

Important Quotes

"Anything can happen at anytime. ALL of the possibilities must be considerated as long as there are more than one." - Z
"As long as there is still one warrior who resists, no battle is yet decided." - Shimazu Yoshihiro (Samurai Warriors 2)
"Complaining is useless, the tides of Fate cannot be changed." - Z
"Courage is not ignoring your fears, but recognize they exist, and face them anyway." - Wimp (Crimson Sea 2)
"Don't look to your past, don't plan your future. Live the present." - Unknown
"Everything happens for a reason, either teaching or preserving the Balance." - Z
"Everything in life are tests by Destiny. The question is: Can you overcome them?" - Z
"Gifts do not exist. Everything we can do are results of training and hard work." - Z
"If the individual works for the needs of the many and the many for the needs of he one, the land will prosper." - Naoe Kanetsugu (Samurai Warriors 2)
"If you know both yourself and your enemy, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss." - Sun Tsu/The Art of War
"In battle, one must adhere to one's beliefs." - Azai Nagamasa (Samurai Warriors 2)
"It's not just kind actions that defines who is good, but too one's capability to forgive people's mistakes." - Z
"Keep moving forward." - Walt Disney
"Life is like a chess game. You have to think ahead of its movements and so be ready to face any problem that appears." - Z
"Nothing exists without its opposite. The Balance must me kept. Anything that breaks it, with time will fade." - Z
"On the mountains of truth you can never climb in vain: either you will reach a point higher up today, or you will be training your powers so that you will be able to climb higher tomorrow. " - Friedrich Niezsche
"One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star."* - Friedrich Niezsche
"One step at a time."** - Takeda Shingen (Samurai Warriors 2)
"Patience is the key to any battle." - Tokugawa Ieyasu (Samurai Warriors 2)
"Power through Wisdom." - Saradomin
"Sometimes to see the light, it is necessary to see the darkness." - Minority Report (movie)
"That which does not kill us makes us stronger." - Friedrich Niezsche
"The best author will be the one who is ashamed to become a writer." - Friedrich Niezsche
"The best weapon against an enemy is another enemy." - Friedrich Niezsche
"The will to protect and fight for those who you love reveals the true essence of strenght." - Z
"The world isn't divided into black and white. Sometimes, for you, the right thing to do is the wrong for who is in a different position." - Adapted from Takeda Shingen (Samurai Warriors 2)
"There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." - William Shakespear
"Therefore one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the most skillful. Seizing the enemy without fighting is the most skillful." - Sun Tsu/The Art of War
"Why taking life so seriously if it's an adventure from which none of us will leave alive?" - Bob Marley
"With Balance we shall go far." - Z / The Elements Clan

  • more coming soon

Me on AE games

  • AdventureQuest - Me, younger. Just after I lost my memory.
  • DragonFable - My father, the Legendary Hero of FalconReach. Me older (before side effect of spell)
  • MechQuest - My great….greatgreatgreatgrampa or something. The key to the mystery
  • AdventureQuest Worlds - ME! WOO!


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