The Phoenix Project
  • New Public Signatures:

New sigs for all elements! Done with all my best. Check your element forums to see it!

  • Countdown:

Finally released! Now you can check our main website and see how much time is left to our next release!

  • Playlist:

Finally released! Now you can check and listen to our clan and armies theme songs on our main website.

  • No more Sub-Elements:

I rushed into things and the clan ended up with more leader members than normal ones, so the Sub-Elements have been deleted and now we can focus again on the main 8, as it was truly intended in the beginning

  • Our first movie:

It has finally been decided. Cyfur suggested for a recruitment tutorial video and we ended up with the idea of making a 2 in 1 video! Coming soon!

  • Lots of pics:

After some time rotting, our pictures album was finally updated! Now send any new clan pics to moc.liamg|nalc.stnemeleeht#moc.liamg|nalc.stnemeleeht so I can add it there.

  • The Great Cleaning:

Our clan had many inactive and useless members, but now they are all out. From now on, only active players will be allowed in the clan.

  • Element changes:

Now our members aren’t allowed to change elements. This clan was made for elements lovers, and switches means disloyalty.

  • “The Chronos Project” on the move:

“TCP” is moving again! New ideas came in and we got many new Generals' stories. But that book's not all! Plenty of ideas coming, so post your random clan stories on the forums and I can fit them in!

  • Wiki character page:

Now required! All members must create a wiki page for themselves. Check mine for info.

  • Signatures pattern:

ALL sigs must have no more than 500x100 pixels now.

  • Competitions re-opened:

Thanks to Lord Draconov (our new referee!) we are now able to make the competitions active again. So go and register!

  • New Award system:

Now if you got an award, a job or/and you’re a best-in-something, you can get a badge! If you haven’t got yours yet, claim it in the Claim Your Reward Forum. And don’t worry, you can still get the avatars.

  • New requirements:

To maximize our new members’ activity, new requirements were made:

- Player must be active in game;
- The new member must have at least one of the Generals (or someone who has a General) in their friend list;
- All members must have a page on wiki for best information;
- The chosen element MUST be your favorite, as elements changes are no more allowed anymore;
- All members must have (at least) a basic character storyline;
- Activity in this clan is not fully about being active just in the game; you must be active in our forums.

  • Clan popularity:

Now that we have new cool sigs, why don’t you start using it on AE forums? Yeah give it a try and help our clan to grow!!!

  • Attitude changes:

Remember that poll about how you see the leaders? Well, I didn’t like the result very much… wasn’t so bad but could be better. You should respect the leaders but I didn’t want you to see us as boring guys. For that reason, the leaders, and I of course, will be trying to change our way to find a balance and get your respect AND friendship.

  • Chat Box:

Due to lag and other tactical reasons, the chat box on the forums was deleted and a new not-laggy one was added to our main website.

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