The Gamma Project

The Restart:

Our clan has been through hard a time lately. We have lost many dear members, we have fallen. But we won’t give up! The clan has risen once again, and for one more time, with your help, I’ll lead use to victory! Heh, I love doing that. Check what’s new!

A Whole New Website:

At first, the plan was to create a fully custom HTML website (fully hand-made). But months of late work have made us out of options. No regret though! Now we got a fully customizable forums, nonlaggy host and loaded with all the features we needed! And this new forums also offers the option of a custom HTML home page, so the old website project may not be a total loss! So enjoy at!

Good-bye Twitter:

With our new system of news, our Twitter will no longer be used. This news system is going to be used to tell you anything, from the smallest and less important news to the biggest and most awesome news we can have. It can be found in the News forum at our home page.


Our newest information center, this website will hold every important information about the clan, including things about our members and armies.


For the newest recruits, and maybe even for some veterans, we now have a sub-forums dedicated to explain our members where they can find what they want, what each sub-forums is about, read FAQ’s and check the forums overview.

PP’s -> RC’s:

Popularity Points system has gone through a huge change. First, I’ve changed its name to Reputation Coins, as it seems more appropriated now. Second, RC’s are now more useful than before. They used to be simply a bunch of numbers with no real point at all. Now, to rank up, challenge your superiors, go to special events, become mod/admin, get better in any way you need to gather an amount of RC’s and literally spend them in what you want. The amount of rewarded RC’s and how you are rewarded has changed. To see the list, check RC’s info page in our wiki.

New recruitment system:

Now, new members CAN’T join and go directly to the element they want. From now on, all new people will get the “Soldier” rank, and will build their reputation within the clan. Once they have a better idea on what each element stands for and have enough amount of RC’s, they can buy a rank up and join an elemental army. Once they chose, these new members will have to take a test from the General from the army they want to join. This test is 100% made up by the General himself/herself, anything he/she wants.

Storyline – Lost Keepers:

As you can see, we lost not just members but Generals as well. Until we can reestablish the Balance, The Generals left are guarding the Orbs without keepers. We will be searching for people worthy enough to be the Keepers, but ONLY those who truly fit their respective elements.

Ranks renamed:

To fit the other ranks, the following have been changed to new names:

Member -> Corporal
Recruit -> Soldier

Uniforms - Updated:

The uniforms system has been changed. Now each rank in each element has one and only ONE option of uniform. Check Uniforms page for the lists.

Badges - Updated:

All of the badges that were left to release are now available. Not only the new, but the old ones have are now in .PNG format, instead of .JPEG as it was before. Because of that, the badges have now a better color quality.

iSpy! …Actually I don’t, but you can!:

As we are avoiding wars now, I was going to delete the Spy job but I got a better idea; spies’ job is now to collect general info, from AE plans to other clans’ movements and then report to the Generals. If you like finding out about secret stuff, this is the job for you!

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