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Name: Sander


Level: 18

Gender: Male

Born in: Battleonia

Joined AQW: made 1 char in alpha, but made a new one in gamma and then started playingXD

Alignance: Good

Member: No

Founder: No

Fav. Element: Fire

Fav. Weapon:

Trained to be a: Mage - Rank 10


Fav. Locations: anywhere where my clan members r in the game

Current objectives:


Personal signature:

Notes: Evil Pyromancer, servant of Gravelyn, constantly fills The Elements' forum with posts


My stuff.

Life Storyline

Here is my journal:D


I was born in Battleonia, i dont exactly know where. I dont remember my parents.

At age 5, i went to Falconreach to be a student of Warlic. He didnt want to train me very much. But then i accidently almost destroyed his magic shop and told him that if he wont train me, i would do it again. So i became his student. He taught me very slowly and made me earn the magic with hard work. I learned magic from him for 5 years. Once i drank some ugly juice from one of his magic pots thinking it was orange juice and turned into a platipus. I never even went near Warlic's pots unless i had to. Then some Nythera-named freak killed him. Before Warlic was killed i put a curse on Nythera that made him die in 10 years. A year later, Warlic was resurrected by the crazy pyromancer Xan so he could kill Warlic by himself but then we stormed to Falconreach, tied him up annihilated him:D Then we travelled to Battleon with Warlic. For the next five years, i learned from diffrent people in Battleon . I learned animal taming from Aria, fighting from Blackhawke, rangery from Robina, blacksmithing from Yulgar and magic from Warlic.

Before the slaying of the Dragon of Time

After learning in Battleon, I returned to Falconreach. A year after that, The Dragon Wars began. I took part in it where i met Z, a paladin who was the son of the legendary Hero of Battleon. He was the leader of a clan named The Elements and i joined his clan. In the beginning of the war, Z found a Fire Orb. Akriloth the Fire Dragon who had started the war became enraged because he wanted to have all the fire orbs in LORE, including the main one;He wanted to conquer the world. He sent an army of 1000000 fire creatures upon lore. We had a hard time killing all of them, although they were not very strong. When Z first defeated Akriloth, the dragon told him to give him the primary fire orb and let him make the most powerful fire weapon ever created. I tried to convince him not to do it, but he didnt listen. I guess it was his evil side i didnt know yet. The dragon took the or but ate it and he himself became the ultimate fire weapon. Then he started flying around and destroying towns. He completely destroyed the large city of Granemor and burned the 500000 people who lived in it. He then flew back in his castle in Smoke Mountain. Meanwhile, 1 day i went to Yulgar's shop and there was Yulgar's apprentice Konnan who asked me to protect his home village and family from Akriloth. We went to the village but Akriloth attacked it in its Ultra Magma Dragon form. We couldn't save the village and it was all burned to the ground. Konnan became depressed and after that enraged. We wanted to kill me, Akriloth and everyone who lived in Falconreach. The crazy pyromancer Xan taught him pyromancy and Konnan became DRAKONNAN! We made some reasearch with the clan and found Akriloth's weakness- the Ice Scythe. It belonged to an Ice Demon who lived in the northlands. We went there to ask for the scythe but he refused to give it to us. We attacked him and kill him to get it but before he died, he said: Well, if i cant have the scythe, NOONE CAN!!! He then broke the scythe. We took the parts, went back to Battleon and gave the parts to yulgar who forged the Ice Claymore from it. I took it and we gathered an army of 2000000 warriors, and attacked the mountain. Half of the men were killed and Akriloths castle was destroyed. Before that, escaped from it and we charged Akriloth. Z blinded him, Berzerker_10 shocked him with lightning,Melsi hit his head with a boulder,Cyfur cast a storm upon him, Guardian cast a jet of water on him, Runner freezed him, Vegna melted the ice and finally, i hit Akriloth with the Ice Claymore, destroying him. The Dragon Wars were over. Later, Akriloth recreated himself but hes not as powerful anymore.

Immedieatly after the Dragon wars ended, the Great Fire War began. The war was started by Drakonnan. As i said before, he wanted revenge on Akriloth and everyone who failed to protect his family. He created an army of 2000000 fire creatures and led them to attack lore. When Drakonnan and part of the army reached Falconreach, my idiot little brother tried to kill Zorbak, a moglin necromancer who was in the side of Drakonnan, in his most powerful form with the basic spell Ray of Light. And he was killed. Bah. When we were in falconreach, one of our members Mico Templo, the nephew of one of our other members, Berzerker the Tenth ran to him first and started makeing fun of him. When we reached Drakonnan, we saw that all the ice warriors who had stormed upon him earlier were dead. Drakonnan escaped to his lair and we followed him there. In its gates awaited us 50 Drakonnan's pyromancers who started casting fire spells on us. Fortunately we managed to kill all of them. When we went to the lair, our battle with Drakonnan begun. It lasted a hour. In the battle, Demento, the blood brother of Galanoth, and our clan member Mico were killed. After some 5000 fire and ice spells, the lair began to rumble. I yelled: THE LAIR IS GONNA BLOW, EVERYBODY OUT!!! We managed to escape the lair and get the bodies of Demento and Mico, but Drakonnan didnt get out. We knew he is dead and went back to Falconreach. 1 month later, we had got rid of all the remaining Drakonnan's minions. The Great Fire war was over too. Yay. Rumor has it that Drakonnan II, the son of Drakonnan who now lives in Smoke Mountain, is Drakonnan himself and plans another invasion. As for Micos, he was killed because he made fun of Drakonnan. Well, he was always like that, he sent spam chain letters to the clan members all the time too.. At least we had the chance to barbecue and eat his body. It even wasn't too burnt:) As for me, i stole Drakonnans fire orb after he was dead and became as powerful as Drakonnan when he was alive.

After the Fire War, we were all tired didnt fight any monsters for 5 minutes.

A year later, a unimaginably large beast called Carnax was awakened. First he appeared as an Etnomorph, But was killed. Then, a few months later, he appeared in his true form. He was 10 time larger than the Battleon guardian tower, the last one in Lore. When we battled him, many people were killed. Carnax was so large that we had to battled his body parts separately. Then some woman called Riona came and told that her son was haunted by Carnax. She took a bunch of gems, aimed at Carnax and FIRED HER LAZER BLAAARHH!!!!!!! Then, she fell on a rock and died. Carnax fell down and turned into a rock. From that rock, we built a new clubhouse for the clan. Yay!

During and after the slaying of the Dragon of Time

Soon afterwards, Galanoth was mind controlled by the slightly corrupted Time Travel Faeries and was forced to kill the Dragon of Time. With that, timelines of Lore became changed, everything that happened exept for what happened before meeting Z now actually never happened, although Warlic was still alive.. After some weird unwanted time traveling, i found myself in a time that was supposed to be 10 years after the fire war. The person who now had done everything i remember doin myself before, was my younger brother, the Dark Magician(my DF accXD) who became the legendary Hero of DragonFable. The capital of Lore had been moved from Battleon to Swordhaven by King Alteon, the old king who had conquered the world. I had to remeet Z, rejoin the clan and redo my whole history in the clan.

More coming soon lol

Check The Book of The Elements Clan to see more.




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