1.01 - You may recruit anyone(but be sure the recruited is trustable and loyal and isn't mean nor stupid) at anytime but MUST inform the current clan headmaster about him/her;

1.02 - There is no Good nor Bad sides (like light and darkness). We are The Elements so we must be balanced;

1.03 - Fights and arguments between the elemental armies are forbidden;

1.04 - You must interrupt any fight between clan members if you see any;

1.05 - Phisical threats and abusive language are forbidden;

1.06 - You must use your elemental outfit during reunions (clan or army reunions);

1.07 - When the Headmaster or the Army General is talking during a reunion everybody must not interupt;

1.08 - If the Army General gives up of his/her positions, the Brigadier must take its place and then choose a member to become the new Brigadier;

1.09 - Also, if the Army General stay a long time without contacting the clan or without logging in the game the Brigadier will take his/her place and the Army General will become Brigadier. And if don't login for more time another member choosen by the new Army General will become Brigadier and the actual one and once General will become a simple member;

1.10 - No member can be part of other clan, it's us or them;

1.11 - If you know any rule breaker you must report him/her to your army leader or to the current clan Headmaster.

1.12 - When you are talking to someone outside the clan about the Generals, never say their names. Refer them as: The Eight, the Keepers of the Orbs, Elemental Lords’ Choosen Eight (or anything that means the same). If talking about a specific General, refer to him/her as his/her title.

1.13 - No hacking! (This includes account hacking, loader and hacking within the forums) If anyone is caught hacking, the one will be kicked from the clan immediately.

1.14 - Leaders can’t change elements. Only if the Brigadier/Lieutenant wants your position and we need a leader in another element.

1.15 - Although we have different ranks, we are humans yet and we have same rights. Putting members down any of the members will not be tolerated.

1.16 - Being a higher rank than someone does not mean you are better than the same. Treat other people well!

1.17 - Joining a clan just to say you have one isn’t right. Being in a clan means you have to help too.

1.18 - Remember to follow all AQW rules too!


2.01 - What is said in the Leaders-only Forums must stay in the Leaders-only Forums, if you know what I mean…;

2.02 - Posts must stay in-topic;

2.03 - Phisical threats and abusive language are forbidden;

2.04 - If you know any rule break you must report him/her to your army leader or to the current clan Headmaster;

2.05 - Its prohibited to post multiple consecutive posts in ANY situation. If you forgot to say something and no one posted yet use the EDIT BUTTON.

2.06 - Words posted can be no less than size 66.

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