Recruiters: As the name suggests, they get people to join us.

Movie-Makers: Skilled in recording and editing movies.

Artists: People who have skills in making signatures and avatars for those who request in the clan.

Criatives: "Wells" filled up with ideas, giving it to us so we can grow.

Mods: Mods edit, move, lock, and do whatever is needed on posts in our forums.

Clan pages admins: They edit and update our pages on both wiki and AE forums.

Writers: May either help directly with clan's storyline book, make clan "chronicles" to helop it too, or post random stories in forums to entertain our members.

Spies: Collect info from AE plans to other clans’ movements and then report to the Generals. It is they who keep the clan updated about AE community.

Heros: They help people on anything. Master on information and combat.


Generals: It's the elemental army founder and is in charge of the same. Only one per element.

Brigadiers: Choosen by the general to be of assistence on administrating the army. Only one per element.

Colonels: They lead the PvP elite squads. Only one per element.

Captains: The person with this rank assists the Colonel. Only one per element.

Knights: The army “trainer’. It helps people to farm for exp/gold/cp. Up to 5 per element.

Corporals: They're the normal members. Armies' infantry. Unlimited number.

Soldiers: Members who didn't choose any elemental side yet. Unlimited number.

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