Important Info

Things you should know and never forget!

  • Never ask Drakanias to take a deep breathe. Never EVER.
  • If a thunder hits your house and toasts your computer, it is… hey how can I blame our Energy General if we don't have one???
  • LD is the hottest in the clan and you can't complain about that.
  • It's "Z". Call me "_Z_" and I'll kick you until you have no more butt. No, I won't actually but just call me Z.
  • Sander doesn't know what he's doing, so don’t ask him.
  • Drakanias has nothing to do with dragons. He's actually a panda.
  • Don't tell Alses that DoomKnights cannot be good or else he will cut your fingers off…if you don't have fingers he will cut your feet…if you don't have feet then he cuts your arms off…if you don't have arms he cuts your tongue and breaks your teeth and destroys your mouth…if you don't have a mouth how are you alive?
  • Never say any of the words ''hairy'', ''haircut'', ''barber'', ''scissors'', ''Jesus'', ''yarn'', or ''thread'' near Sander or you will be invited to a not-so-cool, non-optional barbecue where the plates are made from your skin and forks and knives from your bones. Yuck! o.e I can't belive he made me say this!
  • LD gets fired often, but never loses his job.
  • Never pull Drak’s finger. It would kill every one around.
  • Sander is the hairiest in the clan and you can’t complain about that.
  • Unless you like barbeque made of yourself, don’t get close to LD when he’s got a fever. Last time he melted down our HQ…
  • Okay, I admit. I'm a workaholic, whatzitooya?? >:O What? It's for a noble cause!
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