Guild Wars 2

This link is about information about guild wars 2 a game that is to be released in 2011 my name is Drakanias and i shall be writing down lore, races, proffessions and additional information once more releases:

Races: Humans, Charr, Norn, Asura and Sylvari

The Humans
The humans have been around for years they live on the continent known as Tyria the world is also known as Tyria and have built great kingdoms and follow the six gods
Balthazar - the god of war and fire
Dwayna - the goddess of life and air
Melandru - goddess of nature
Lyssa - goddess of chaos and arcane energy
Grenth - the god of death and ice
Kormir - the Newest a former human who rose to godhood after Abbaddon's Defeat she became known as the goddess of truth
The human kingdoms are in 3 continents
Tyria - The Kingdom of Ascalon destroyed by the charr in an event known as the searing
The Nation of Kryta the only remaining human kingdom on tyria
Elona - The Provinces of Istan, Vabbi and Kourna fallen to the undead lord Known as Palawa Joko
Cantha - The Empire of the Dragon known by the world for their greatest traitor ever known Shiro Tagachi the man who slew the emperor and whos death turned the sea to jade and the forest to stone they have survived the plague and destroyed Shiro Tagachi who's spirit returned

Human Players have the choices of heritage and to decide what social status they have this is the choices for heritage:
Ascalonian - Exiled from their home after the searing the humans of ascalon have gone through alot and it will take alot to break the spirit of these People their homeland now belong to the charr but they intend to take it back.
Krytan - The People of Kryta are very hospitable they gave refuge to their former enemies the Ascalonians after the loss of their home the krytans and ascalonians are great friends having worked together to defeat the white mantle and place Princess Salma on the throne Queen Salma's Decendant Queen Jennah now rules the Humans.
Canthan - Born in the empire of the dragon the canthans have been known to be very skilled in their proffessions having been trained in shing jea monastary on shing jea island some now make their home in tyria since they are cut off from their homeland by the elder dragons.
Elonian - The People of Elona have lost their entire continent to the undead and now seek allies within tyria to defeat palawa joko and bring the land back to light.

Now the social status choices will be available:

Commoner - More information will be revealed in the future
Gentry - More information will be revealed in the future
Street - More information will be revealed in the future

Humanity has not fared well after the elder dragon's return cut off from cantha and elona. Ascalon is in ruins Kryta is now the only hope for Humanity Housing humans from Ascalon, Kryta, Elona and Cantha the descendants of the heroes of the past now fight to defend their home Divinity's Reach and to someday return to their homelands.

The Charr
Known as the conquerors of Ascalon the charr are a warlike race trained from birth to act as warriors these beasts now make their home in the former kingdom of Ascalon building their capital the Iron Citadel onto the ruins of Rin but even though they have tamed the land with machinery and siege weapons Ascalon is still a land of war The Ebon Vanguard still strike out from their sole remaning fortress of Ebonhawke thinking they still have a chance against the charr legions

The Charr follow no Gods they have their strength to survive no longer will they have the shamans lead them and no longer will they allow false gods to rule their race they now pledge their faith in their legions they are called:

The Blood Legion - Housing some of the greatest charr warriors to ever exist
The Iron Legion - Many of the greatest war machines and charr gunners come from this Legion
The Ash Legion - The Charr's greatest stalkers and Assassins belong to this Legion
The Flame Legion - This Legion is not an option for charr players to join they are known as the gold legion due to their softness and reliance on gold and magic than the blade they are outcasts

Charr players can also choose to pity some of the lesser races these are the choices for charr:
Ogres - Huge Hulking Monsters that can crush the fool who underestimates them
Grawl - Simian like creatures that are still in a primitive status the charr and grawl were once allies wether they still are is unknown
Skritt - The Newest race to tyria the rat men come from the depths of tyria but after Primordus's awakening they now make their home in the maguuma Jungle and have the intention of spreading throughout Tyria.

In their true homeland the elder dragon Kralkatorrik has awakened and has brought much destruction to their land corrupting many of their race he now makes his home in the crystal desert the charr have been forced to ally with their former enemies the humans and have been known to bring about great feats…they have underestimated the humans.

The Norn
The Norn are a giant shape shifting race strongly resembling humans but they do not revere the six gods they instead revere the animal spirits that give them their power to change form they make their homes in the far shiverpeaks but once the elder dragon Jormag awoke they had to flee to the dwarven ruins and now make their homes amongst them they have also encountered the dredge a race whom used to be slaves to the xenophobic stone summit a dwarven faction wanting to rule the shiverpeaks after the dwarves decline as a race they have begun to take over small portions of their land the norn however must confront them and rejoice in a new hunt for the way of the hunt is the way of their people the Norn also do not have leaders…they have heroes and they honor them.

Norn Players have the choice of choosing an animal totem to whom they revere the most but this like others will not affect gameplay for example a norn who chose the bear animal totem can still shapeshift into wolf form these are the totems available:

The Bear Totem - Devoted to the bear spirit the greatest of all animal spirits
The Raven Totem - Devoted to the raven spirit
The Wolf Totem - Devoted to the wolf spirit
The Snow Leopard Totem - Devoted to the snow leopard spirit

Norns have had a long relationship with the humans and honor them like brothers and sisters they also have a relationship with the charr except they only tolerate them since they prefer war and destruction over honorable combat but once they all allied against the elder dragons the humans and norn became closer and the charr became valuable allies.

The Asura
The Asura are a race of vastly intelligent beings they are small in stature but they have built great golems and technology that still surprises the other races they used to make their home in the depths of tyria before the coming of the destroyers they allied together with the races to combat the destroyers they managed to defeat their hive mind the great destroyer and now have become close to the other races building asura portals to their cities for easier transportation and now make their home in the tarnished coast which they share with the sylvari the city of rata sum is a city of great power once a tiny outpost has grown to become one of the most powerful strongholds in tyria.

Asura players will have the chance to choose an asuran college from which they studied from this like other choices does not affect gameplay

College of Dynamics - More information will be revealed soon
College of Statics - More information will be revealed soon
College of Synergetics - More information will be revealed soon

The asura now secretly plan to rule tyria but right now they need the other races more than the other races need them so now they work together but this does not change that the asura have plans of their own…

The Sylvari
The Sylvari are botanical humanoids born 250 years after the death of the great destroyer known as beings of light for not knowing the negative emotions and feelings of hatred, greed etc the sylvari are a race that look up to their elders the firstborn though the firstborn are themselves only 25 years of age the sylvari are born adults so sylvari children are non-existant they do not need to pro-create and they follow the ventari tablet written by the pacifistic centaur known as Ventari, the human known as Ronan was the one who found the seed of the pale tree he planted it on ventari's haven in the tarnished coast on asuran land the seed grew and after a few years the sylvari were born from it there they listen to the dream of dreams to where knowledge of tyria flows into their minds but in every dream there is a nightmare the nightmare court a group of corrupted sylvari scheme to burn the pale tree and to utterly cloak the world in darkness. the sylvari must now fight both their corrupt brethren and to defeat the elder dragons who now threaten their home.

Sylvari players will be able to choose which season they were born from and they may also choose which lesser race they can pity but they have different choices than charr players here are the season choices:

Dawn - Born in the cycle of Spring
Day - Born in the cycle of Summer
Twilight - Born in the cycle of Autumn
Night - Born in the cycle of Winter

Now the choices for lesser races to pity are here:

Hylek - A race of humanoid frogs and toads they make their homes in the swamps of kryta and in the now Pirating city of Lion's Arch.
Skritt - A race of humanoid rats and mice they live in the maguuma jungle and have the intention of spreading throughout Tyria.
Quaggan - More information regarding this lesser race will be revealed soon

The Sylvari place their faith in the dream of dreams and wish to befriend the races that combat the elder dragons but will soon learn that their destiny will put them beyond tyria.

The Professions
These are the professions for guild wars 2 and are planned to have 8 so far there are 3 but more are planned to be released in the future.

The Elementalist - This Scholar Profession is capable of amazing power and spells if you like magic and amazing power then you will enjoy the elementalist

Weapons for the Elementalist
Staff - a two handed weapon
Scepter - a one handed weapon
Dagger - a one handed weapon the elementalist can duel wield them but cannot melee with them
Focus - what it is able to do so far is unknown

Elementalist Spells
Air Magic:

Chain Lightning - What it does so far is unknown
Static Field - It creates a circle of electric energy stunning anyone who enters and exists it, it improves the casters ranged abilities and allies such as when a rifle bullet is shot through it, it becomes electrically charged and deals additional damage it can only be used by elementalists who use staffs
Windborne Speed - It increases the speed of the caster and the casters ally target.

Air Magic can only be used when attuned to air if you try to use any air spells while not attuned to air the spells will not work air magic is more about one on one magic combat so if you prefer this style then choose air.

Earth Magic:

Churning Earth - The elementalist focuses on the earth while channeling enemies are slowed around the caster then suddenly get heavy damage onto them it can only be used by the scepter weapon.
Signet of Earth - This spell provides a passive bonus to damage resistance and also sends out a wave of stone once activated.

Earth magic like air magic needs to be attuned so before using any earth spells attune yourself to earth, Earth spells are more about defensive magic than offensive so if you prefer defence rather than offence earth is your game.

Fire Magic:

Conjure Flame - This spell can conjure flame upon boulders than can be throw onto enemies by the warrior or the elementalist
Dragon's Breath - This spell projects a cone of fire damage it is only available through the scepter weapon
Fireball - This spell is a simple elementalist spell that explodes upon contact upon the target it is only available through the staff weapon
Meteor Shower - This Spell deals heavy fire damage upon the selected area and dealing knock-downs upon the targets this spell is only available through the staff weapon
Phoenix - This Spell sends in a firey phoenix straight to the target from the caster then returns to the caster dealing damage along the way it will also heal the caster when it returns
Signet of Fire - This spell provides a passive bonus to increase critical damage it will also burn the elementalists targets
Wall of Fire - This Spell will knock down targets and setting them on fire upon hitting them and will also set bullets on fire when fired from a rifle or pistol providing extra damage.

Fire Magic is the most power of all elements if you like dealing an amazing amount of damage then fire is the way to go just remember you need to be fire attuned to use fire spells.

Water Magic

Conjure Frost - Conjures a bow of frost that can temporarily shoot icy arrows and freeze targets
Frozen Ground - this spell provides an area affect that freezes anyone who passes through it
Geyser - Conjures a fountain of water to erupt and knock away enemies while healing allies
Healing Rain - This spell conjures an area affect that rejuvinates allies upon entering the selected area
Water Trident - This Spell knocks back and deals damage to a single enemy it is only available through the staff weapon

Water magic is based more upon slowing enemies down and healing if this is your type of gameplay it is a very important one like many others you will need to be water attuned to use any water spells

The Warrior - The Warrior is a soldier profession capable of amazing bursts of melee damage if you like melee combat and high bursts of damage then you will enjoy the warrior.

Weapons for The Warrior
Greatsword - This weapon is a two handed weapon
Hammer - This weapon is a two handed weapon
Longbow - This weapon is a two handed weapon that can only be fired while standing still it has a longer range and more powerful than the shortbow.
Rifle - This weapon is a two handed weapon
Axe - This weapon is a one handed weapon that can also be used in the off-hand some proffesions can throw them aswell as melee with them
Mace - This weapon is a one handed weapon that can also be used in the off-hand
Sword - This weapon is a one handed weapon it is capable of bleeding damage and is commonly used by warriors and rangers
Shield - The shield is an off-hand weapon only
Warhorn -The Warhorn is an off-hand weapon only capable of buffing allies

Skills for The Warrior
This will be continued shortly

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