Green Jack

Adventurer Profile

General Information

Name: Jackodin Claymore, the earthen sword

Age: 14<

Gender: male

Height: 1.99 meters

Weight: something something

Alignance: only to himself


Born in: Estonia (or somewhere in the north)

Joined Clan: August 2., 2010

Main Game: AdventureQuest Worlds

Other Games: runescape, team fortress 2

Fav. Fighting Style: assassination, alchemy

Fav. Element: earth

Fav. Weapon: anything that makes the enemy bleed

Trained to be a: assassin druid, leader of the ones without cause

Mentor: life

Current objectives: reach lvl 30 in aqw

Personality: slow thinking, yet sharp minded

Personal signature:

AdventureQuest Worlds

Ingame Name: Green Jack

Level: 22

Joined: the first month of release

Member: no

Founder: no, but I was there since the beginning

Fav. Locations: mythsong, akiba

Character Page: []



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