Cleric Of Light

Adventurer Profile

General Information

Name: Cleric of Light

Age: Currently Unknown

Gender: Male

Height: 6ft 2in

Weight: 140lbs

Alignance: Good

Deity: Chronos (earth)

Titles: The Terra Blade, Leader of "Terra Troops"

Born in: Mobius

Joined Clan: Jul 6th 2010

Main Game: Adventure Quest Worlds

Other Games: None

Fav. Fighting Style: Sword and Shield

Fav. Element: Earth

Fav. Weapon: Katana

Trained to be a: Paladin


Current objectives:

Personality: Quiet and caring yet fierce in battle

Personal signature: None

AdventureQuest Worlds

Ingame Name: Cleric of Light

Level: 30

Joined: Valentines, 10

Member: yes

Founder: no

Fav. Locations: My house and Swordhaven Castle

Character Page: []

Life Storyline

A very long time ago he followed his little sister to a river where she decided to swim. While she prefered the simpler things he was set on training and magic. He had gone to Swordhaven once and saw the knights parading the streets upon armored chargers as they returned in victory from a recent battle. He decided he would take the chance to train on some of the random eyes and imps that wandered the area. After a few hours he decided it was time to head back to find his sister and head home. Along the way he heared a loud crash in the forest to his right and a loud roar as a giant one eyed humanoid rushed from the brush right at him. He knew this was going to be a battle he could not avoid. Whispering to himself with a smile, "Finaly, a true test of my efforts". He raised his sword and set for the Cycopls' charge. After a long heated battle, Cleric stood victorius but badly battered and spent.

Even though he knew he was running low on energy, he knew he had to get to his sister and go home. As he stepped over the hill to the river he saw his sister struggling for her life in the current. A young and heat of the moment error in thinking made him jump right in, armor and all. Despite his efforts to swim and fight the weight dragging him to the bottom he made very little progress. As he sank to the bottom of the flowing current he heared a voice click in his mind. His eyes flashed for a moment as he saw a vision of his sister at the bottom of the river holding some clear blue orb. Then the voice spoke, "You will not die this day. You will sleep until she is awoken then you will watch over her."

Many, many, many years later his eyes opened wide and a sound rang through his ears, battle… he remembered it well… one of the few things he did remember. A force almost knowingly washed him ashore. The years of timeless sleep had kept his body immobile. He could hear the sounds and the flashing of lights but could not see the combatants.

After some time he heared cheers of victory, his strength returning enough to roll over to see the men walking away, he also caught site of something else but could not utter the words, "Cindy!".

After recovering his strength he wandered for years searching for his sister, without sucess he heared of the strife going on in the lands of chaos being born. He decided to offer his services to the King and quickly gained favor and was promoted almost every battle. His skills were impressive, his training all those years ago had payed off.

After a few more years in the service of his majesties army, he decided to pay battleon a visit… to his surprise there she was, Cindy, the sister he had searched for all these years. After a long talk he knew what his duties were, to protect his sister and fight for the element of Earth in the command of the Clan of Elements.


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