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Level 1 armor:

Level 10 armor:

Level 20 armor:

Name: Alses

Age: 15

Level: 20

Gender: Male

Born in: Brazil

Joined AQW: 11/2/2008 7:06AM

Alignance: Good

Member: No

Founder: No

Fav. Element: Light

Fav. Weapon: Golden starsword

Trained to be a: Mage and enforcer

Mentor: Valencia and warlic

Fav. Locations: Yulgar's Inn, Alses' house.

Current objectives: Protect the world of lore from extreme boredom

Personality: Fun if your crazy and think of random as fun!

Personal signature: Wikisignaturealses.png


My stuff.

Life Storyline

A child lost in a forest near Battleon was found by Warlic a great mage from Battleon. Warlic took in the child and raised him until the age of 9, Warlic named the child after the pendant it had around its neck, the Alseian Pendant, a rare and powerful artifact that was thought to be lost forever. Warlic found that the child was being hidden from something that chased it, the pendant was the key to the child's safety, but it couldn't protect him long. Having figured out all the runes of the pendant Warlic decided that the child should be taught of magic for further protection, but it was a mistake. When training the young Mage the pendant was destroyed in a fire ball accident. Warlic had become too tired to protect the boy further so at the age of 9 he was given to Valencia. Valencia trained the boy as a enforcer making him more powerful than ever, as Valencia realized that the boy was getting too old to be with a parent she bought him a separate home near Battleon, the boy, Alses, was around 14 years old when his home got attacked by a demon. Fortunately with all the training Alses had recieved he was able to defeat the demon, and that was when he decided to help protect all of lore and discover who his parents were and what happened to them. Unfortunately that was when chaos appeared to destroy everything…

Check The Book of The Elements Clan to see more.


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