Adventurer Profile


Name: Alberte007


Level: 24

Gender: Male

Born in:

Joined AQW:

Alignance: Good

Member: Yes

Founder: No

Fav. Element: Earth

Fav. Weapon: Corpse Maker of MIltonius

Trained to be a: Assassin


Fav. Locations: Miltonius Secret

Current objectives: Rank 7 Mythsong

Personality: Happy :D

Personal signature:


My stuff.

Life Storyline

So one day after many years of training with my fabled crystal sword and the divine sun sabre I woke to an odd feeling of evil. I knew it was targeted at the castle so I ran and I took my fabled sword and divine sabre and ran out to hitch a ride on my horse Shoovaw. My horse instantly read my thoughts and ran full speed to the legendary castle of Sowrdhaven. When I arrived I saw the great dragon of evil holding the castle of death upon its back. I knew I had to get there faster than with my horse but, I had a bond with my horse and my strength doubled when I was with it but, I needed to get to sword haven as fast as possible. For if I wouldn’t have the castle would surely fall. I used my unique and special power many people called the Ray of Light. This power turns me into a ray of light and I can move anywhere in the blink of an eye. I was stopped at the gates of the castle for the evil lord himself was in the premises and my power was useless around him unless I was to use all of my energy. I walked through the gates to find hell before me. Everywhere the evil was killing, no prisoners. I started my duty at once. After ten minutes of endless fighting I had destroyed more undead than the great Artix himself. This was a day of legend. Soon the evil army was in a state of confusion with their numbers dwindling every second. I had rallied many scattered knights and we where making a comeback. Finally I found the general of the castle, none other than the great Z himself, the son of the Lengendary Hero of Falconreach and beat his fathers prestigious record at the age of ten. I knew then the evil didn’t stand a chance. For Z was a paladin at heart armed with the most prized paladin armor ever, his fathers. He also has the mysterious sword given to him at birth by a ghost. It has runes that tell his destiny so it is called the destiny sword but no one can read the runes so it has just been the killing tool for Z. They together added the death rate of the undead to over quadruple Z’s fathers record in less than an hour. Then when they finally reached the royal chambers of the king they say something so evil it wasn’t even evil but they knew what it was the moment they say it. None other than the one and only Chaos Lord himself. Armed with what was thought to be sealed in the ancient ruins of Runegate and guarded by 13 mighty monsters and human guards of the ruins known as the shinka guards who are known for their ability to turn invisible and to see through walls. Over one thousand of these guards stand armed with enchanted swords enchanted by the finest mages of lore. Me, Alberte007 and Z king of the lore’s vast army of good stared with death written before us. The chaos lord spoke “So king you think you can really seal away the most mighty weapon in the world. You don’t even have the brain to understand its power. I merely helped it escape your warriors and come to me.” With that the chaos lord and me and Z took notice of the evil lord himself appear from the shadows saying “ Well if it isn’t my good friend the chaos lord well hmf you wont be a good friend anymore once I’m done with you”. With that he charged at the chaos lord with more ferocity than the great red dragon. Poor guy didn’t stand a chance, with barely any effort at all the chaos lord took the evil lords soul and destroyed him once and for all. With that he looked over at the King, me and Z. He said “ well ill let you guys live through something much much worse that hell, living through me! MUWHAHAHA” with that he flew off and killed the great undead dragon that was holding up his evilness’s fortress. The King instantly takes control of the situation. He tells the public that a great threat has arisen. The evil more than evil had risen again and he told them to be ready for the worst.

End of Chapter One, More coming soon

Check The Book of The Elements Clan to see more.

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