AdventureQuest Worlds


Fantasy MMO created by Artix Entertainment, or BattleOn Games, AQW was the game where the clan was founded. Simple but hilarious and well-thought, it is a free browser game, with no need of download. Weekly updated, AQW offers a huge veriety of classes, quests, areas, monsters and items. For those want in more, it also has a great and interesting storyline, full of action, mystery, puns and lot more.


Left click on a monster once to target it. Click on it again to attack!

Every character has 100 mana regardless of class, however each class handles mana differently. On your character overview panel you can see the specific mana regen model for your specific class.

Class and Armor

Classes and Armors share the same tab in your Inventory, but are greatly different. Classes determine what attacks, stats, and skills you use, and can be leveled up to obtain new features. Armors are different aesthetic outfits that you stack on top of your Class, offering a cool, unique look for your character.
Experience and Rank


RepThe world of Lore is filled with many different factions. Prove your worth to these
factions by completing their quests and gain very powerful rewards. You can track your character's reputation with each faction by clicking on the player portrait, and then clicking on 'Reputation'.

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