Act Your Ground Project

// Here are the basics and no changing rules, unless some one comes up with a way better way to do it :

There will have to be 2 referees and below is what they will have to do ->

Referee, a (“TEMPORARY”) job:

Alrighty every one will have to help out with this it’s not the best job it’s not the most fun, but we need it to make the game fair.
The ref will:
1. Start off the story by copying it from the forum to the game space.
2. Party one and other to be able to communicate with ease.
3. Will have to call it if rules aren’t followed.
4. Must be equal to both teams.
5. And will have to end the story.

*IMPORTANT: If a participant refuses to obey to a ref, the consequence will be that that particular person will be banned of the R.P next game for a first offence, second offence it’s the next 3 games and last offence is you can only be ref for the next 10 or 20 games depending how you cooperate.

P.S. No refs can’t play the story because we need them 1 To be focused on what’s going on 2 We need them to be neutral bout the teams.

Rules and regulations:
*as I already posted these you must follow them they are now officially part of this project and they are rules.

-you only can counter a "spell/hit" 3 times
-you must play as the story goes / no changing … follow the leader basically
- you must communicate your next move to your teammate
-must be in a team of at least 2 people
-must post the story on forum / if you want it played
-you must be able to wear gear that would fit the story
-you must come up with original ideas and cant take credit for some one else’s ideas
-you can block a hit 3 times then your officially hit
-if you fall you must come up with an ORIGINAL way to come back in 2 min or else your KOed
-if you don’t fallow the rules you become a statue for 5 minutes
-you cant interfere when others are roll playing unless one of them pm to the ref and the ref PMs to you
-Also no arguing with the refs.

Summoning process:

In combat you CAN NOT have a pet equipped unless you summon it. If you do so that pet only has 3 HP and 3 MP »> for those who don’t know HP= hit points (damage that it can take) and MP mana points (damage that it can do) «< so basically it can be hit 3 times and hit 3 times.

The pet is what ever you want it doesn’t have any thing to do with your element so no worries about that.

Side choosing:

If you are the story maker you can challenge people to it then that person has no choice but to be on the opposite side as for the other’s “teammates” don’t forget rooms can only have an X amount of people so if you want to participate in a story hurry and put your name on the list.

During combat and as long as you follow the story you can change sides but you MUST chose a side from the start so that teams are 2/2 … 3/3 … 4/4 etc..


you need rust bucket or paladin classes rank 4+
Mage/sorcerer/ or healer/acolyte rank 8 can work too
you need to chose a battle ground
at least 1 pet
at least 3 outfits
3 weapon’s
*more to come*

(There will also be tournaments to see who best roll players is. I’m also thinking maybe of an option of prizes… I don’t know yet well have to see and in the tournaments I would be one of the reef’s since well its my project and I wont win nothing =P … um King Killer 432 also gave me the idea of badges he had posted on that so for sure ill have to see bout that with Z but those are some ideas that need to be worked on and there probably going to take a little longer but I will manage with your help and ideas. Also I’m open to any kind of ideas… Um sorry no changing the rules other than that I have nothing more to say I will be waiting for your ideas .^^ ) //

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