Some acronyms you might find during your stay in our clan:

AE - Artix Entertainment; gaming company that works on AQ, AQW, DF, MQ and ED
AQ - Adventure Quest; AE's first game
AQW - AdventureQuest Worlds; AE's first MMO and the game in which our clan is based
AYGP - Act Your Ground Project; our RP/RPG project
Brig - Brigadier; armies rank
Capt - Captain; armies rank
Col - Colonel; armies rank
Cpl - Corporal; armies rank
DF - Dragon Fable; AE's second game and the first with walk-around
ED - Epic Duel; AE's PvP game
Gen - General; armies rank, leader of elemental armies
GF - Grand Fantasia; downloadable game to which we are expanding
GoD - Guardians of Doom; enemy clan… don't ask me why
GW2 - Guild Wars 2; downloadable game to which we are going to expand
HM - Headmaster; highest rank in the clan, clan's leader
HQ - Head Quarters; our base, where we meet to discuss important things. /house _Z_ (AQW)
Kgt - Knight; armies rank
MQ - Mech Quest; AE's third, sci-fi, game
Pvt - Private; reference to the two lower ranks in the clan: Soldier and Corporal
RJP - Reign of Justice Project; our Law and Court project to help in banning who deserve fairly
RP - Role-Play; act of interpretating your character
RPing - Role-Playing
RS - RuneScape; free browser game to which we are expanding
Sol - Soldier; non-elemental clan rank
SWP - Spreading the Wings Project; our expasion project
TAP - The Alpha Project; our very first project that included many new features
TBP - The Beta Project; our second project that included many new features
TCP - The Chronos Project; out history project. Books about our past and present are written in this
TEC - The Elements Clan; Us. A clan based in AE games' eight elements
TGP - The Gamma Project; our third project that included many new features and the biggest so far
TPP - The Phoenix Project; our project to rebuild the clan
TWP - The Warfare Project; our PvP project which includes PvP tactics and organization

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