Adventurer Profile

General Information

Name: Cindy

Age: "16" / 25016

Gender: female

Height: 1,75 m

Weight: 50 Kg

Alignance: evil


Titles: Tides of Faith, Leader of Aqua Platoon, Clan Councillor

Born in: Mobius

Joined Clan: Oct 7th 2009

Main Game: AdventureQuest Worlds

Other Games: None

Fav. Fighting Style: Ranged, Melee

Fav. Element: water

Fav. Weapon: hydra spear

Trained to be a: pirate

Mentor: king killer 432 / Lord Draconov / _Z_

Current objectives: help the clan out , be a good leader , and have fun hanging out with the guys and girls from my clan ^^

Personality: hmm i guess people find im nice… im stricked and organised, im funny , but i can be serious when needed

Personal signature: Cindyssig.jpg

AdventureQuest Worlds


Ingame Name: 11cindy22

Level: 30

Joined: 7/27/2009 1:26:00 PM

Member: yes

Founder: no

Fav. Locations: /house 11cindy22

Character Page: [http://www.aq.com/aw-character.asp?id=11cindy22]

Life Storyline

I was born in the city of Mobius. When I was about 10 years old I went for a swim. The worst and the best decision I’ve ever made. By doing that I lost my soul at 10 now I know for sure I’m not going to hell … but heaven isn’t and option either. As so if I wouldn’t have done this, my precious orb, my strength, my love and passion wouldn’t be as it is for my element *WATER*. I never would have imagined … me in water …but any ways to get back to my story… I spent 25 000 years in the bottom of that river half awake and half a sleep not knowing when or if I was ever going to get out of this mess, I got my self into. Then one day, the 25th of august 1993, I saw a light…or was it a light… I don’t remember but that so called light pulled me out of the water, but I was dead so … my body was numb, I couldn’t move, but I wasn’t afraid because the light was warm and comforting. Of course to me I was going to heaven at the time but now I know that that light was only Z’s Aura. And as I started to gain consciousness I saw what was going on… a battle to death… 4 guys against one… I couldn’t move but I felt the heat, the cold, the light and the energy. I also saw flames, lighting, light flashes and wind working together. All to free the water power that its owner XXGuardian had over used and had become uncontrollable… almost like it possessed him… as these 3 men tried to over power this beast… this immortal… I heard Z’s voice in my head telling me I was chosen and I was soon going to be one with the water element as soon as they finished this guy and he made me a deal that if he was able to give me my “life” back I would join him in the battle for good against evil and I said: I’ve been waiting 25 000 years for some one any one to offer me that. So I waited and finally the last blow to his face killed XXGuardian… sadly I wish they could have found a way to make peace. But that’s life when one doesn’t cooperate he must be terminated to bring peace among all others, because one black splash of paint makes white> grey. And are job is to try and keep it the lightest grey as possible. Now I finally have the power of water. Most people would have run and never come back, but I still go to Mobius, because now that river is part of me for ever more. Thanks to that river I found my long lost brother King Killer 432, I found 2 really good friends Lord Draconov and Cyfur and I found a great leader and helper that guides me towards the right path I wasn’t taking before they saved me _Z_. thanks to those four strong guys that saved me from the emptiness I was in I now feel my strength the water is me and I am the water and never will any one will take it from me.

Check The Book of The Elements Clan to see more.


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