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Growing up things

As our clan is getting bigger and it is getting new features all the time, this wiki is being made to help out people who are willing to join, but even if you are a veteran maybe you can find something of interesting in these pages. And, if you feel worthy of adding your knowlodge about the clan here, help us build it and give some info to our new recruits!

"AYGP" and "SWP"

Our two greatest projects yet are being built as you read this. "Act Your Ground Project", our Role-Playing project created by our 2nd in command and Aqua Platoon Leader 11Cindy22, is going through and upgrade and we will soon have our own "board" RPG! "Spreading the Wings Project", suggested by her too, will expand our clan to other games and soon transform us from a simple clan into a gamers comunity. Interrested? Then visit our forums in the RPG session for "AYGP"'s lastest info and the News session to suggest for stuff "SWP"!

Create your page!

It's pretty simple! You can make a page to yourself and add your info just following these hints: First, open the template in a new window/tab. It can be found in the list below. Second, go to the host page of your rank, edit it and type in your name in that page. Once the page is saved, click your name to create your page. Copy the template to your page, fill it in, add any other info you want to, like favorite quotes, hobbies and anything you want to. But remember, this is your character's info, NOT yours!


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